Thursday, March 27, 2008

Relationship Issue


or anybody who is in love, was in love or want to be in love;

If we happened to fight or hmm don't say fight la, lets say quarrel instead- these are the things that we need to do which I just learnt today;

(1) come up with a list of topics/issues/challenges that you guys need to talk about.

(2) Going down the list one item at a time, write down your thoughts individually on an exercise book.

(3) depending on the scale of the topic of discussion, give each other 10-30 minutes to write down your thoughts.

(4) come together after both of you are done and read each other's book. At this point, don't point fingers, or bring up past histories. it's counter-productive.

(5) the whole time, hold each other's hands. even when the going gets heated, hold on to each other.

(6) explain to the other why you take the positions you take as mentioned in your exercise book.

I love you Bunny!

Lot's of Love,
The Lover


  1. oOOOooooOOOooooOOOoOOooo...

    Noted :)

  2. Yea yeah. I seriously wonder if any normal human being can refrain/control the anger and the emotions and do these instead or not ;p

    let's try!

    gambate ne!

  3. unfortunately, i am also very impatient and stubborn. but i shall try. keyword: try. hehe.



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