Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pencil skirts, anybody?

Okay guys, I am looking for this pencil skirts. Do let me know if you come across it or heard about it anywhere. By the way it's popular skirt shape cut from a straight block from hip to hem. Often knee length and worn with a tucked in shirts or any top. Also can be added with a jacket to look a lil bit more corporate. Suggest to wear a dark color pencil skirt with a lighter colored top or jacket to contras the color appearance. Then top it up by wearing a big high waist belt! Whoa! Also, wear it with hmm an extra / ultra sexy shoes or a pair of high heels that you can handle (please).

No, not trying to act smart in fashion - yes sometimes I, myself (also) need fashion police to catch me but you gotta wear it correctly, if not it gonna look unflattering because it is tight. It's meant to show off your waist line and your feminine curves, baby!

I actually found one at Mid Valley last two days and Sebby said, it looks nice on me! But I didn't buy yet cause the material is not so nice. Plus, waiting for Deanna to update me whether she can find a nice one or not at Sydney. If not, tomorrow I will try to go to Nicci Fashion City to look for one!

And I also don't mind a short skirt for my upcoming events! But I still must control how I am perceived. Not because of the chances of promotion. But I just feel like wearing one, not too short just a lil shorter than the skirts that I have in my closet. Even though there is a modesty panel, when you put your foot down or to cross your legs, they hike up. So they can't be too short. That's the only etiquette. Like this;
Not this;


Til that, please let me know if anything! What? Why am I so free? Oh well I am quite free and relax these days cause not much to rush for because my next coming event is on April 14 & 15, 2008.

:) Life is great, guys! Enjoy!

Lot's of love,
The Pencil Skirt Haunter.


  1. Yan!
    Me pun tgh hunting lagi hehe :P
    yg me jumpe cantik2 (but dnt knw u like not the material)
    nanti me go again, ambik pic laa kat dress room hehe senang :P
    no worries, shopping mall depan my campus je ., hehe balik class je lepak sane

    Owh, Nicci sgt best! Me pun dulu always shop there, hehe :P

    u prefer the 2 colors like in the pics?

  2. Yea I love Nicci.

    By the way, i prefer black. If possible don't like that kind of material like the second one (the grey) it makes it look old and cheap.

    Whoa. Syok la. So near. Is it cheap to shop there?

  3. OK, haa tu laa
    banyak lorr that kind of material
    me pun tak suke sgt
    Ok, will hunt for black one

    Owh, i love shopping here, like they have sale e/time. pre-easter, easter, post easter sale. haha
    basically sale je memanjang

    the other day Supre had giant sale, clothes are like 3 for $9, I have concession for Just Jeans (international student) and byk laa yg best2 :) :)

    CEpat laa come here,
    eh if u going to Perth, u stay with Putri eh?

  4. No, she is staying in a shared apt with friends so we are thinking to look for a cheap hotel or back packers stay hse to stay cause cheaper and the reason we are there is to jalan2 not to sleep anyway :)

    wah! if i was there huh i sure have made my sebby broke heee

  5. hi darling!

    well thankies fr droping by!
    i super loved the pencil skirt but due to my big fat ass im scared of wearing it:)

  6. who said so?
    no la you are not fat!

    hey, good luck for your exams!


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