Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another survey!

More surveys. Bored la. Why la Honey so slow wan?

1. Are you smiling?
Ha? Why would I do that being stressed at work? Duh!

2. When was the last time you met
someone new?
Hmm yesterday. Got two new sales staffs reported their first day. Quite leng-chai ;p

3. When did you last eat pizza?
Way too long ago with Simon and Yeng Tyeng at California Pizza, State.

4. Did you drink beer last night?
Last night? Not beer but something else/somebody else's juice (private joke).

5. Are you good at poker?
I don't gamble. Eh poker is some sort of gamble yes? :S

6. What do you want?
What do I want? (It's my habit to repeat the question before answering) Urm, I want to stay at home 24/7 hours for next whole week starting this Friday night( heee Isaac is coming!).

7. Are you tired?
Not really. More to lazy.

8. Last spoken words you heard?
"Who called Encik Aimi from Petronas Gas?" by Jenny.

9. Have you ever kissed anyone named
John ah? Yes. He was 3 years old and I was 21

10. Besides your bed, what is your
favourite thing in your room?
My closet full of my favorite clothes. One girl can never have enough pretty clothes!

11. Pepsi or Coke?
Coke err Vanilla Coke.

12. Did you ever throw up?
Yes a lot of times. What? It’s normal to throw up. For those who are not bright enough throw up means vomit, stupid. Or puke or Emesis. Or in an easier way for you stupid, it is the forceful expulsion of the contents of one's stomach through the mouth and sometimes the nose. Got it? Deh!

13. Did you ever throw up while kissing
What? I will never kiss someone with bad breathe at first place. Duh!

14. Taco Bell or McDonald's?

15. Are you restless?
No. Lazy. Waiting for Sebby to finish work.

16. Is your computer a laptop?
What a question? Is your boyfriend a male?

Well, no it isn’t.

17. Are you allowed to stay up later
than 10pm on a weeknight?
No. Daddy will punish me. Sigh. I am writing a blog. You don’t expect me to be 6 years old? Do you? Right, Felicia?

18. How many fs views do you have?
Quite a number.

19. Do you believe dreams come true?
Yes. You are the maker not them.

20. Last song you heard?
Hate that I love you - on Shirley’s phone.

21. Do you like.. Batman?
No. I prefer bad-man (my bad-man I mean).

22. Who is in the room with you?
Me alone. Everyone else left. Eh with Mr. Raj lo.

23. What are you wearing on your feet?
Lol. Pump shoes. Urm it’s Marry Jane shoes says Sebby.

24. What is/are your favourite pair of
This one. Any type of pump shoes and also high heels. I like to cat walk with high heels. Can look more gaya.

25. Who was the last person you told
you missed them?
Baby and Isaac. Apart from them.. Liza, this morning.

26. What was the last thing you ate?
Mai Fan Soup for lunch.

27. What were you doing before this?
Rushing to finish the paperwork for coming event.

28. What is the closest item near you
that is blue?
PC monitor. Pen?

29. In your opinion what is the
funniest thing listed on youtube?
The best commercial ads I watched with Seb at office.

30. What instant messaging service do
you use?
MSN, YM & Skype. Gchat?

31. What is your favourite website?
Wikipedia. No, I am not a geek.

32. Whose house did you go to last
No, I seldom go to people’s house on weekdays.

33. What is the last movie you watched?
27 Dresses. It’s a whoa!

34. When did you last buy a new pair of
Last month. It’s short pants da.

35. Where's your favourite place to be?
Home sweet home. Come visit me and I’ll mix you the best cocktail ever!

36. Where is your mom?
My mum. Opps not even bothered. She is with daddy perhaps.

37. Where do you shop the most?
Toilet. Duh. Shops la.

38. Where did you get the shirt you're
Padini. It’s working shirt.

39. Where was your default Friendster
picture taken?
Malacca with Sebby.

40. Why did you kiss the last person
you kissed?
Saying goodbye? We were heading to our own offices. Split at the elevator.

41. Are you happy with where you are?
Yes I do. Earning money and self-value (No I am not slacking at work. I have finished my working hour)

42. Do you believe that there are
certain circumstances where cheating
is ok?
No. Doesn’t work for me though.

43. Would you ever take someone back if
they cheated on you?
Fuck you! Hee not you but I’ll say this to him/her.

44. Have you ever talked about
LOL. Everyday deh!

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  1. yan,
    gt the msg u leave
    I tried to open ur blog from my link
    cannot lorrr..
    i dnt knw why :(
    this one I maximize from the comment form, huhuhu :P
    alright, tomorrow going shopping with my girls from Brisbie
    will look one for u :)
    what size dear? 0, 2? hehe
    u sooo skinny lorrr
    if anything, just text me kay :)
    here's my number
    i cant remember the country's code
    or just send me ur number, i'll text u kay

    muuuuuahhhhhhh!!!! :)


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