Monday, October 22, 2007

few things in my ad-hoc blue butterfly handbag :)

Lately, since I always love to change handbag based on my top color, I keep * cough forgetting to bring along few things that I need with me wherever I go.

Luckily, today is not so bad.

Here are few things in my blue butterfly handbag which I've been carrying since first day raya :)

1. My DKNY old purse given by mama on my 18th birthday :)
2. My Red Earth lip gloss
3. My Nivea lip balm
4. My MAC nude lipstick
5. My Elianto lip liner
6. My Vicks VapoRub for my cough,dizziness,headache etc
7. My Memory Lane blue tiny bag for my keys
8. My Vincci tiny black leather bag for my petty cash money
9. My LV coins pouch
10. My pocket tissue - which is actually Isyraf's
11. My 2 packets of cookies
13. My Avon small mirror- given by My Aunt Mindy
14. My 1++ year old Nokia 6111 handphone- a gift from my honey :)
15. Lastly, a bottle of mineral water which I can't live without-also, provided by my honey :)

wow!! surprisingly my handbag can fit so many things :) *cough

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