Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I got this very romantic idea. Go to the >http://www.craterofdiamondsstatepark.com/digging-for-diamonds/">Diamond Crater park in Arkansas — a park that allows visitors to keep whatever diamonds they find, and then get the diamond you find cut for your finance’s engagement ring. Of course, it’s rare to find a rock big enough to cut (most diamonds that people find are about a 1/4 of a carat). But if you found >http://www.cnn.com/interactive_legal.html#AP">one, she’d sure feel special and it’d be such an awesome story.

In a related note, I am such a treasure hunter at heart. The diamond this guy found is worth at least $10,000 and I am like BAM! I should so go there and find me some diamonds to make money!

in this time being i wish i have more money to pay for my Kelissa...i wish i can go to order my white Kelissa tomorrow..pay like 30 thousands downpayment and get a very low monthly payment..arghhh...and really now,i'm seating at cyber cafe..accompanied by few friends who are very busy playing games..and i dun even know how to play..which buttons to press or wat..i used to play games a lot when i was in high school and now i feel so silly..i'm turning to a very naive person..if during high school i was like quite high tech..i mean at least i can play some games and i know how to install this and that but now..i'm really turning to a real pussy..waaaaaa.....

I’ve been in Starbucks at Centerpoint after dinner last nite before go to Herritage Row..lepak there,had a cup of coffee..(Sean my friend from Korean being the cool guy. He already got a raise because he has people working under him, awesome). i heard one of the gals there talk about computer.."Has anybody else noticed a disproportioante number of SB computer users are on macs?"....she said something like that i guess:) While people are talking about macs, their powerbook/macbook pro,this and that about tech..bla..bla...bla...? I was having coffee while listening to sean talking rubbish.. ;)

Philip and I have a private blog. We post embarassing stories about each other and tell our secrets. It only exists in our heads but if it was real, it would be very interesting. Philip loves to say, “I’m blogging about this” when I’m in trouble for burping or for forgetting his birthday (I did do that once but it was almost a year ago, well I didn’t forget, forget, I just said it was on the wrong day). Of course, most of the things are much racier which is why the blog isn’t really on the internet.

Anyway, tonight I found something that would normally belong on the secret blog because it’s kind of embarrasing. However, I think it’s really endearing. Philip ’s writing about a “victorian gentleman” in high school.

The funny part is this, “Yes ladies it’s the inarguable truth, a true Victorian gentleman is hard to find these days. There is Kalani, and of course the always gentleman-like Philip [M], but withholding those few exceptions they are almost totally gone from the face of the earth.”

p/s:philip:i cant login to the blog because i forgot my username...and if you are reading this,i am so sorry..i feel so malu to ask you and i dun think so i should..after all..i mean you are going out with somebody and i dowan to intyrupt your new relationship...

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