Saturday, September 5, 2015

My new baby: iOli Malaysia

As a working (breastfeeding) mother, it can get really frustrating when it comes to dressing up to work. Most of my girlfriends are also breastfeeding & working at the same time. We work in a corporate environment where we women need to look professional.

However, we feel that a nursing friendly yet fashionable attire is almost impossible to get. Most fashion labels are usually in the business of producing only trendy pieces. No offense to them but for us, working breastfeeding mothers, we need to either opt to look plain or we need to tailor make our own dresses. I've been breastfeeding for 4 years (two children) and I have been trying to look for any label that carries such nursing friendly attire and I could only find a handful ones from overseas that can be pretty pricey.

I remember wishing (don't judge me) that I could just stop breastfeeding my baby exclusively so I could stop pumping at work and I could go back to wearing beautiful dresses. And I even envied my other colleagues who would come to work in beautiful dresses, it made me feeling small. Such a petty thing I know, but that petty thing could have caused me to giving up on breastfeeding my babies. And I know this didn't only happen to me. So I started discussing with family and friends, did a bit of survey, spoke to some people and women NGOs and....iOli Malaysia was born!

So fret not fellow working mothers, a fashionable NURSING FRIENDLY brand will be coming into your wardrobe soon. And it is by a fellow mother for fellow mothers. Just a small business venture to help support the family and raise my beautiful children - at the same time help you stay beautiful albeit being a breastfeeding mother!

Speaking about being beautiful - whoever says we mothers cannot be runaway models? You wait teehee - there will be a tiny project that is gonna feature some beautiful mummy bloggers. Hint: it involves runaway (and babies).

Stay tuned and whilst I work on getting the first collection out as soon as I can, please find us on Instagram and Facebook. I will keep you updated soonest.

So excited!


  1. This is SO EXCITING! Can't wait to see the collection!!

    1. Thanks, babe. I am so excited myself haha. There's a bit of delay with the production due to Raya Haji but its coming :)


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