Friday, September 11, 2015

How to keep yourself sane after a baby

I remember the first few weeks of having a new born at home. I was feeling euphoric every time I look at the newest member of our family. I couldn't resist playing with the tiny fingers, taking deep breaths and smell the sweet-sourish breaths, touching the soft skin, or repeatedly patting that rounded bum bum! I was under a spell even greater than when I fell in love with their father. In fact, both husband and I found ourselves spending hours on end just watching the new baby sleep.

Hundreds and hundreds of pictures taken until the phone memory blasted. But it was never enough. It was so magical. I didn't want to be anywhere other than with my baby - and with the family. Our little family. For a while, I locked the door and let only a few of my closest loved ones into our company. If possible, I might not even want to let anyone in and I felt okay with it. I didn't fancy an invite from a close friend to go out to have our regular girls night out. And even when I did, my mind was at home with my new baby. Some friends even judged but I was okay with it.

It took me a while to realise that I too should be looking after myself. I too deserve some time on my own. And I should not feel guilty about enjoying some time away from my family. This 'cocooning' phase is just me adjusting to my new life with a new member of the family but I should also give myself a chance to be happy. For I know that only when I am happy, I am the best mother or wife or anyone for that matter. So I thought I'd share some of the things that have been keeping me sane (post baby), in hopes that it might be helpful to some of the new or first time mummies...

1. Not to sound like a broken record, but I spend some time shopping online. There are so many affordable clothes on Zalora. Have a budget and (try to) stick to it. I usually buy something that is under RM100 and that new item in my closet gives such joy to me. For example this ALL UNDER RM99 deal. Trust me, you will find something you like and it will definitely make you a happier mother and wife without compromising on your budget!

2.  Go out for that girls night out with your bestfriend. If you are on shoestring budget, just pick a place that is not too pricey. You won't believe me but on some bad months, I still manage to go to a classy place such as WIP only with RM100 in my wallet and boy, we would have so much fun, its so good for the soul. Or you can go to places with Ladies Night like La Bodega Telawi on Thursday nights. That way, you could have fun for free. Sometimes, even an hour at a neighbourhood mamak like Devis makes me so happy. Anything that tickles your fancy, just make some time to go out with your girlfriend(s) and be happy for an hour or two without thinking about your baby(ies). Once you are done, go home, fresh and be that kick-ass mummy you are!

3. Pamper yourself with a good massage. If you could afford more, go to a nice spa and have that well deserved relaxing treatment. Massages also help with your milk production, if you are a breastfeeding mummy.

4. Get pretty, gals. Looking at that well groomed nails, face, hair and legs will make you feel so powerful and confident of yourself. No, you don't need to spend too much at one go. Choose one treatment in a month. I'd do nails this month and hair next. Vice versa. Here is one nails promo that you can give a try.

Anyway, don't ever forget, you are yourself first before a wife or a mother. You deserve to be happy.

Hope this helps and make every moment count. Whatever you choose to do, own it, gal!

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