Wednesday, September 30, 2015



So, I couldn't sleep last night. Mainly because I was thinking of my business. The QC process is stressing me out. So I browsed through my Facebook newsfeed trying to catch up with my friends beings and all. Then I saw this one friend's post, a very emo post. It made me emo. Lagi lah cannot sleep. Plus, hubs was so irritating, tossing and turning trying to fall asleep and when he was finally asleep, he snored. Sigh.

You see, I have friends who are saddists. They just love being emo, fishing for sympathy and all. I am usually a sucker, I am always so kaypoh and offer my sympathy with comforting words ''It is okay, don't be sad. It will get better. You are not alone in this".

You know. Some clever stuff like that.

Then to my own dismay, I get told off "Easy for you to say. Your life is perfect".

Eh. Sepak kang.

Haih la kawan. You of all people should know my life was not perfect. Probably beautiful now, but still not perfect. But maybe you are too busy dwelling in your own sorrow and fishing for sympathy and all, you forgot to be nice to people who are nice to you. So let me just bluntly tell you that this is not the end of the rope, my friend. There are so many people who are suffering worst than you. And at our age, fishing for sympathy on our social media ALL THE TIME is NOT COOL.

Okay fine, you might not know the rest of the suffering world, but you knew my story right? Or you have forgotten? Let me remind you.

I was the girl who grew up without parents. Remember?
I was the girl who begged for mother's love and got disowned and kicked out of home at age 18 remember?
I was the girl who starved for real food whilst being heavily pregnant to her first born. Remember?
I was the girl who waited outside a mamak in Taman Medan until they close at midnight so she could ask for leftover curry to eat with a piece of bread. Remember?
I was the girl who lied when asked if she had any craving during pregnancy because she couldn't even afford to buy that 'Oren Jus' that she craved for 9 months. Remember?
I was the girl who had to go through the 8 painful years of trying to conceive her second baby. Remember?
I was the girl who had to go through that 8 painful years in guilt knowing deep inside that God was probably teaching her a lesson for all her past sins. Remember?

But I chose to be happy, kawan. I chose to wake up happy. I chose not to burden the people around me with my sad stories (other than this once-in-a-blue-moon-emo-post lah).

If you need to hide your sorrow so that people around you can celebrate their happy moments without feeling the guilt, buat lah. It won't cause any more sorrows to you that it already did.

Be happy lah. Or at least, let the people around you be happy. Stop acting like a child.

End of emo post. Toodles.

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  1. OK this made me emo. But it really puts things into perspective, doesn't it? So glad life is better for you now.


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