Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Recipe: Daging Masak Merah

My aunt owns a little restaurant in Kluang Johor and one of her signature dishes is Daging Masak Merah. Everytime we go there, this would be the dish I'd request her to make. Hubby loves it so much so I figure baik belajar and buat sendiri. Made this dish yesterday and a few friends asked for the recipe. People at home are always saying that it is family recipe and back in the days when I was a child, I remember grandma making all these delicious food and people will be like "Ah this is Wo Noh's secret recipe. Need to be nice to her to get the recipe". 

Hehehe. Today, you all no need to be nice to me also dapat recipe as I know it will benefit someone somewhere and that makes me happy. Because if you are like me, you'd appreciate a good recipe that you can easily get online when the mood to cook strikes. Ah, the joy of internet.

Anyway, here is the recipe for Daging Masak Merah.

300g of beef (cleaned thoroughly because beef produces this unpleasant smell if not cleaned properly. Same like mutton).
1 big onion.
3 cloves of garlics.
3 spoonful of oyster sauce.
3 spoonful of chilli sauce.
Red food dye (I used the one that's used to make jelly)
Vegetables (I used whatever I have in the kitchen last night - tomatoes, brocolli, red chilli. You can also put long beans, kailan, capsicum, cauliflower)
Salt, sugar (and MSG if you like. We don't use MSG in our household but my family recipe has MSG in it. It tastes better my aunt said hehe).

1. Boil the beef - add in the red dye, salt MSG and a bit of sugar. Boil until the beef is tender.
2. Strain the beef until dry. Slice it into small pieces.
3. Heat the pan with a bit of oil, add in pounded garlics stir fry until slightly brownish.
4. Add in the sliced beef. Fry for a few minutes.
5. Add in the onions, oyster sauce, chilli sauce, salt and sugar. Fry on big fire for a few minutes.
6. Add in the vegetables (leave the tomatoes for last). Add in a bit of water for sauce (I used the beef broth) and leave if for a few more minutes and your Daging Masak Merah is ready.

Gin hâi a-ròi!


  1. Uih dah macam kat kedai nih. Yummers. Should give it a try lah. Hubby pun suka tapi i tak pandai masak hihi. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Kak Yunn: Seb likes it so much. Tapi all these years tak pernah rasa nak try but its actually so easy hehe.


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