Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy Merdeka!

(DIY Malaysian flags by Sharmila HK)

Happy Merdeka, everyone!

Last night, I was supposed to join Joe Najib and friends for Merdeka eve teh tarik session at Pelita SS2 but around 10ish, Princess started to show some signs of sleepiness so we decided to not go out and watch a movie at home instead. But Isaac started to feel a bit sad that he didn't get to see fireworks so hubs said, "Never mind, lets just go out. I will take you to this secret spot to watch fireworks. I used to go there when I was young and free and handsome. Nobody knows of this hidden spot but me and my friends".

Isaac and I were like, "Wah, what an honor. Cannot wait to see this hidden spot daddy has been hiding from us. So exciting!".

So on the way there, Princess fell asleep but we were still looking forward to see this "exciting" little spot hubs was boasting about. We got there at 11.45pm, parked the car, set our tripod, took coupla pictures of the beautiful hilltop and stood there anxiously.

12.00am, no sign of fireworks.

"It is midnight already, daddy. How come no fireworks yet?".

"Wait, your watch is early. It is coming."

12.01am, still no fireworks but we could hear the sound of fireworks from a distance. A few seconds later, we heard people screaming, counting down, 5, 4, 3, 2, MERDEKAAAAAAA!

"Honey, are you sure this is the right place? I think, we are not facing KL."

"Yes, daddy. I think we are at wrong place."

"Of course I am sure. Just wait. Sometimes people's time differs. KLCC is just right in front of us", hubs pointing into the dark. I saw some condos and some low rise buildings but no KLCC. I looked back, trying to think where we were and I realised Bangsar was at the back of us and TM building was also at the back. Which means, KL was at the back of the hill.

12.04, still no fireworks.

"You never came here to watch fireworks right, honey?".

"No, but I just thought I will look cool-er if I said I did. Plus it s a hilltop in the middle of Bangsar. I never thought it could go so wrong."

"Its okay, lets just take pictures of us watching our imaginary fireworks and then we can go to Telawi and have supper."

HAHAHAHA! Pity my uncle husband. Trying so hard to compete with his cool wife. But I had to give it to him laa, he really looked very confident, convinced us about his 'little hidden spot' and all. Not bad lah.

I wrote a long post about Merdeka, Independence and how I want my beautiful children to see Merdeka Day. But I think I will save that post for another day.

Selamat Hari Kebangsaan, everyone. I sincerely wish everyone is able to feel this love I feel for our country. Whatever you are fighting for, please always remember that this is HOME. And we do not harm a place we call home. 

Happy Merdeka! Towards a #BetterMalaysia

Love and light,
Yan Lim

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