Sunday, April 12, 2015

Recipe: Chicken soup

Sophie has recently started eating a lot more rice and since the whole family loves soup, I've been experimenting quite a bit in the kitchen making all sort of soup. It's easy, healthy and it's yummy!

Here's the recipe for a simple chicken soup that I've just finished preparing for this week (the little Princess is fast asleep so Mummy has got some time to blog whilst waiting for the soup to cool down before storing in freezer).

Rose onions
Olive oil
Free range chicken - cleaned and cut into small pieces
Carrots (you can add in celery or potatoes. Entirely up to you)
A pinch of salt

1. Pound garlic and onions and fry them up til turn brownish (I always use VCO or olive oil)
2. Pour water into the pot until it covers 3/4 of the pot (this is just a loose measurement, or you can just pour in as much as you want :)
3. Put in the chicken and a pinch of salt and cook to boil
4. Add in carrots
5. Cover the pot. Use small fire, boil for about 1 and half hour (or longer, up to you. I boil until I see the chicken essence starts to cover the soup)

Note: if you want more essence and if you have time, double boil for 3 hours. And our paed advised us to include a bit of oil and salt in her food. Do read up on why our little ones need oil and salt :)

Enjoy cooking for your little ones :)

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