Friday, December 26, 2014

Help for Flood Victims in East Coast

I learnt that this is the worst flood in Malaysian history. Can't even begin to picture what the victims are going through. But thank God, we live in a society where everyone is just so generous and kind. So many bodies are reaching out to the victims. So if you can, just look for the nearest and possibly the most convenient help centre and contribute what you can.

I myself am helping some friends and colleagues to gather some supplies to give to the flood victims. If anyone would like to contribute or take part, please let me know. I will pass the items to the rescue team on Saturday at 6pm. Thanks a lot.

Among the items that we need are:
1. Dry food such as crackers, 3 in 1 milo, coffee, sugar.
2. Canned food such as sardine.
3. Blankets/pillows/comforters.
4. Diapers for babies and adults.
5. Comfortable clothes.
6. Formula milk.
7. Etc

Thank you and God bless.

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