Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Have you been well at work? I have been rather unhappy at work lately. Not quite sure what caused it. Or maybe I do.

But one of the reasons that caused me to be unhappy is the way someone (with much bigger power than me) works. I sometimes have issue with people with power.

It works in a very funny way(?). I get easily attracted with MEN with power and as most of you might have perceived, I don't get along with WOMEN with power easily, especially the unmarried late thirties.

When I say I don't get along doesn't mean I can't work with them. I just can't have their company at WIP.

However, in this situation, it is not the age or sex or more power issue; this someone makes the power looks bad by not having a sense of leadership. This can be a serious affair. In reality, most superiors would not know if their leadership is welcomed or not. Just how do you know if your leadership is appreciated?

Many superiors are so engrossed in their pursuits, they forget about their personality, they forget to treat people the right way, and most of all, they treat some of their subordinates with an extra bias which makes others very unhappy. In this case, it is me.

The only way to find out if your leadership is wanted or not is by getting feedback from your subordinates or teammates.

And the other trait a superior should have is the power of sharing. Share the info, would you? I have been so left out at work because that someone is not good in keeping me in the loop.

I may have exaggerated it but wouldn't you feel the same way that I do if you were in my shoes?

Feel so estranged in my own home :(

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