Tuesday, January 25, 2011

December and January Update via iPad ;)

My life has been mostly about work. What's new?

Isaac is now in primary school. He is enjoying every bits of school. The friends, the sports clubs, the home works, the food at canteen. Things are great on that - and I am more than grateful no words can describe.

There have been quite a number of hiccups that happened recently. In early December I was in Comilla, a small district in Dhaka, Bangladesh for a work trip. I was supposed to be there for 6 days. On the 3rd day, at about 1.30am I received a call from home. My brother, who was crying at the other end of the early phone call gave me a saddening news that my father (biological father) has just passed away. I informed him that I was actually in Bangladesh, that there was no way I will be able to make it back on time for the funeral. The place I was at is a small town which usually takes approximately 2 to 3 hours but at that ime, it took almost 8 hours of journey from/to Dhaka city due to bad traffic which caused by a festive season celebrated.

However, after a lot of thoughts, discussions with my boss, 8 hours journey back to Dhaka city, mixed feelings - I flew back in the next flight. Didn't manage to make it for the funeral but I managed to be with the family - at least.

Towards the end of December, Isaac fell ill due to food poisoning. Hubby and I were devastated as Isaac was really weak and he missed his first day of school (that he so looked forward to since months) because he was admitted to hospital. He was discharged on the 2nd day and he continued to receive treatments at home. He attended school 3 days later than his friends but he never looked back until today :)

Things started to look slightly better but I guess before the year of Tiger ends, God just wanna give us another challenge; last week my car broke down just a few kilometers away from airport when I was rushing to catch my flight to Bangkok. I eventually managed to catch my flight but my car was admitted to workshop and required some fixings. And that cost us another 2k.

Thank God, that I still managed to keep myself sane. And thankfully I haven't lost my patience. And maybe after all the hiccups that He gave me, He finally made a counter offer to win my heart back. He gave someone the kindness to get me an iPad as my birthday present hehe.

As you might already realized, I am easily pleased....


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