Friday, August 13, 2010

What do I need to do to be as beautiful as you?

Sometimes I wonder how much does it cost to be a gorgeous, hot and stylo woman (at all time) like those women I saw at malls. Their hair is nicely blown. Their nails are nicely manicured. Their skin is nicely scrubbed and moisturised. Their faces look just like porcelain.

I have been spending a lot to maintain myself but why haven't I look like them? Here are what I minimally spend for every month (or what can I afford to spend);

1. Hairdo - 2x a week x 4 weeks = RM320.
2. Hair treatment 1x = RM150.
3. Manicure & Pedicure 1x = RM68.
4. Facial 2x = RM400.
5. Cosmetics = RM333 (RM1,000 every 3 months).
6. Facial care = RM400 (RM1,200 every 3 months).

These already total up to RM1,671. I haven't included supplements, toiletries, tampons etc. And don't tell me I no need to change clothes at all? And eat? And drink? :(

Let's be realistic here. How much do they earn lah? :(

Sorry, I'm in emo mood cause I've just spent quite a lot of cash for some stuffs. Later.
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  1. yang sayang, u r beautiful already.. even without that so much effort like others, there's people who would kill to have a look like you.. be easy on urself ok dear? luv ya.. ^_^


  2. you look better than them!! :)

  3. funny, now i'm happy not so fussy bout looks. agree with others. dah cukup cntik lah

  4. Along: Thanks sayang. You are always so sweet.

    Jenny: Thanks, gal xx

    Ilham: Must be fussy la, I am vain mah. Hehe thanks anyway :)


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