Thursday, December 10, 2009

Reminder to myself to be grateful

Being a mummy, wife, lover, daughter, daughter in law, sister, friend, personal assistant to a president, executive, market coordinator and as a normal human being. Often I have been asked "Just how do you do all this and succeed in it?" Frankly, I haven't the faintest idea how do I do all this. And if people don't highlight to me that I am good at it, I wouldn't know that I am.

As a mummy, I tend to ask myself if I am good at it. I often tell myself that I suck at playing the mummy role but then again, who on earth can be perfect? I tell myself, at least I am much better than some who don't even care to show their love to their children. It has been said before that love is something that you cannot see but a substance you hope for. That, keeps me going to try harder every single day to show my love and to give the best for my son and my future children. No doubt I have been busy with work but we must know how to strike a balance if we have children. They should have my best but I still give time to my job - it's a win-win situation.

Same goes to my role as a wife and lover to my dear hubby. I am blessed to have him who understands how tired I am when we get home at night to even cook dinner or to even do laundry. Evidently, not many men would want to do all the housework when they have wives (who often being treated as high end slaves) to do the work (and to spread legs & to breed) but logically, they just have to. Because, I believe that having to compromise in things like this, makes the whole marriage episodes to be more meaningful. And as for my hubby, he makes everything easier for me. And that is how I managed to survive my everyday as a wife and lover.

As a daughter. I keep failing and keep trying.

But as a granddaughter, I succeeded. And I am proud of it. I can proudly tell people how sweet I was as a granddaughter. I know, that I have fulfilled her wishes. To be a good person. To be able to differentiate between good and bad. Between sweet and sour. Between the real and the fake ones.

As a daughter in law, I am still trying to adapt :)

As a sister, I think I am great!

As a friend, I am still in the process of learning the friends' behavior. This can take forever but I know it's worth it. I try my very best to be a good friend. And I know for sure that I have been a good friend to many. I have been there for them when they needed me. And one day, when it is my turn, I hope that they will be there for me.

Being an all rounder at work is something that I'd love to do. I treat it as a great privilege to learn more things than a normal staff does. Although it seems a great idea to be the president's assistant, and many people think that it is an easy task, I really don't think so. For I have spent countless hours in getting things done. Running here and there to compile everything together. Sometimes, I spent hours in my room, locked in deep thought and occasionally looking out in the blue pond downstairs in order to get more inspiration to complete my work. At times, I spend whole night thinking of what have I not done yet. Whether or not, I can still do it the first thing in the morning without causing any delay to the work. In my job scope, I write a lot. Emails are like my daily dosage. One thing that I am so grateful with my current job is the fact that I have my own room where my writings can be done in a quiet and well equipped room with a proper table, comfy chair and at my own convenience compared to my previous job where I used to sit all day to complete my work profusely in a cubicle with everyone else doing their things. Engrossed in my own world of being a good employee, the noise and disruption was unknown to me.

" I have seen many doing the same thing. I think it's pretty easy. Is it really difficult to do all this??" someone asked.

"No, not if you are willing to invest 20 (and sometimes 24) hours of your daily hours just to be running, rushing, thinking & skipping your meals. No if you are willing to cancel your wedding anniversary dinner just because you've been called back to work. No if you are willing to still finish your work on a Sunday morning at 4.00 am when you receive a call from home that your son is having high fever and wanting you to hug him," I quipped.

And don't think that I am complaining. I love what I do. And this is just a reminder to myself that I should be grateful with what I have.

So what do you think? Should I be given an award or something?


  1. Hi Yan,

    Dropping by to say hi :-) Hi Yan !

    It's always good to be grateful.

    We will keep on attracting more good vibes into our life :-)

  2. Oh KC,

    It's been a while. Hi!

    Yea, it is good to be grateful. How have you been? You have not been writing much as of late?


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