Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Influencing others is a skill, an art one ought to learn. While it is good to influence others, it must be done with utmost integrity. When you acquire this skill, you need to remember that influencing others in order to help them is the main objective. I call that positive influence.

Many go out there to influence others for their own benefits, then it becomes a win-lose situation-somebody is going to be very annoyed with someone later. Think of the consequences before you begin to put this skill to use. To me, I call that negative influence.

How can one apply positive influence? By helping others to gain something , without destroying part of themselves. I believe we are all special, I believe we can make it. If we understand our limitations, then we can work more effectively. I believe limitations will always be with us, we only need to learn to avoid getting trapped within these limitations.

Once we understand our limitations, we would have found our strength and with our strength we can move forward. I always say, when we go to the battle field, the first thing we should know is where our enemies are stationed, and once we know that, we are a step closer to winning the battle. Hence, know your own limitations, and you are in fact closer to accomplishing your dreams. You can, provided you believe you can.

Pardon me, for all this nagging. I have been listening to too much motivational talks by my boss lately.

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