Friday, August 21, 2009


Would you like to have what you want or to keep what you have?

Whatever it is, humans are filled with superciliousness. We feel that we want more but at the same time, we can't afford of losing what we already have. Why? Because we are afraid of the people around us. Afraid that they will talk about us. Afraid that the people will judge us. That's arrogance, okay. We are too arrogant to fall. We are too arrogant to let people to correct us. We are to arrogant to allow people to see us fail.

So what happened to the part 'we want more'? Well, we do not want to take the risk as the fear of losing what we have bugs us, correct? But what if we can have more and at the same time, we can keep what we have? Of course, need good strategy not just poking everywhere lah!

No? Not willing to take the risk still? Okay then.

Easy, just kep quiet and enjoy what we have. Stop aiming for more or better things. We are scared, right? Moreover, it is not our fault. It's the people around us who make us feel low confident. Remember, it's not our fault! It's the people. Afterall, do not worry, they will pay for our bills and I am sure they will always be there for us. Forever.

Until then, have a safe fun life.


  1. I wish I can always have my cake and eat it too Yan..

  2. Yan,
    Why do I see cobwebs here? :-D


    I don't know what to write. Not inspired to write lately hmmm :(


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