Monday, July 13, 2009


Have not been updating here. Currently updating on Twitter. Although I practically chatting haha.

Follow me there if you miss me, I know you do :D


  1. sejak ingat password Twitter dah xingat dunia dah awak ber-twittering.cett!

  2. Yes we do ! :-D

  3. Same here. Haven't blogged in a while. Settling some details to send over to the Uni. Just to show dad that yes I am getting the offer letter. Then see how things go. I need to grow up and out of comfort :) Yeah I do have some funny things to tell you. It's about dad lol. I'm staying in my home in Kuching again. Hope all is good.

  4. Sweets, all is well here. Hope everything is well for you there too. When are you coming down to KL again? I miss to talk to you :D


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