Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Changing Isaac's School

We are considering to change Isaac's school.

He is now at one kindergarten which is far from good. They don't practise what they put in syllabus i.e English as first language. So we are looking for another one which only communicates in English. Mandarin class availability would be an advantage. Also, it would be good if they provide some extra classes like music or swimming classes; just some other sweet advantages.

Also, it would be better if the kindergarten is combined with a day care. So we no need to fetch him during lunch hour to another day care. It is tiring for him and us.

Oh yea, he is now 4yo turning 5yo :D

Please let me know if you guys happened to know any good kindergarten+day care nearby Section 17 & 14, PJ or any nearby places. We really appreciate this.


  1. I went to a kindergarten called Methodist Kindergarten. Located near St Francis Xavier church. It was a pretty school back then(almost 20 years ago), not sure how it is now but its worth a shot.

  2. Hi Min Wye,

    Thanks for the recommendation. Is it the one near the traffic light towards University Hospital?


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