Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's so close for me to kill people today

I hate it when people do not understand a thing but claim that they do.

I don't give a damn if by saying you-do-when-you-don't does not affect me.

But when you made me believe that you have fully understood that thing and made me moved on to another thing and then, you did something very stupidly wrong that made the management think that I did not train you well or do not know how to train, I feel like poking your ass hole with a hot burning steel bar.

Fuck. I lost my points because of people like you. And I might not be able to be home next month because of your being-too-stupid-that-it's-too-difficult-for-me-to-teach character!

I just wonder how stupid can a human with brain be. Le sigh!



  1. If you're not home (in KL) where've you been this time?


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