Friday, March 27, 2009

I was feeling chipper and all this past weeks although a bit perturbed about the slow pace of renovation. You know the feeling of being so excited, of making plans and day dreaming about how the house will look like and then got very stressed because of few things that don't turn up how it'd be. I knew, I couldn't be too upset about the slowness cause that will only ruin the excitement so I was being pensive and at the same time, trying to rush everyone to get their things done.

We have packed up. Appointed a lorry driver and asked for some friends' help for the moving in-out process this Sunday. Everything was well planned. We are going to stay in our master bedroom (which is half revamped) and temporarily put all the other boxes and furniture in another empty room until everything is ready. We know it will very inconvenient but we want it that way. One, because we do not want to waste money paying for next month's rental at the same time paying the house installment (double house payment) and two, we think it's great to stay there and watch the ongoing renovation being done (from scratch to tadaaa!).

But today, when I called to ask for our cheque (to settle all the payments), I received bad news. The money's trapped. They are unable to pass us the cheque as promised by this week. Because they are waiting for their boss to sign it. To sign it!

They promised us; 'Friday is the latest, maybe by Wednesday can get'. So we waited. And then without any sense of formality to call and inform us, they simply delayed it to another two weeks maximum time. Ah. To sign the cheque. Just to sign the cheque.

So we called the lady who is incharge for the money but she refused to pick up the call. I asked for her boss instead. The boss said she will get her to call me back. So she did.

'I cant give you the xheque today,'

No ''sorry''. Naadaa! And then still got the guts to tell me that TNB hasnt fix in the electricity in our new house yet.

'Next week only can do.'


So what happened to our plan to move in this Sunday? And where will we be staying since notice has been given to move out this Sunday?



  1. urm so how? are you guys gonna move in on sunday still?

  2. Hey Is!

    Sorry I was being so busy and all. Yeap we have moved in now staying in a box :P


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