Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Dinner

I thought of having fast food, then I was thinking, naaah. I get all the fast food I can eat if Boy's here, McD's, KFC, every couple of days :) That boy really can eat! Hee. So I cooked, I cooked something Boy and Hunny would like to eat, something we call 'Daging Goreng Kunyit', aka Fried Beef. Pretty simple I'd say,

Grab some beef from the freezer. Of course before which you'd have to buy it from the morning/night market or the supermarket

You then, have to defrost the meat. Place under running water for fast defrost. Really fast

Dice em up real good on a chopping board with a knife, not your teeth

Marinate with pinches of salt, MSG for flavouring, and most importantly, tumeric powder

Allow to soak for 5 - 10 minutes

While waiting, heat up the pan too, with no oil do take note

Pick em up...

Place it on the pan evenly

Put em all nicely on the pan evenly while maintaining same amount of heat. Do take note that the next step is slightly different from the original recipe Hunny thaught me; I use Butter instead of Vegetable Oil. Grab some butter,

Slice em up'

Place em evenly amongst the beef. Take note, only place the sliced butter/pour the vegetable oil only when the beef appears to be, 'dry'

Voila! All done! Smells wonderful with butter I tell you! Really smells awesome

Now, let's move on to the 2nd dish. Something funky of mine as well,

Grab some eggs, NO not those in your pants!

Crack em up, place into blender

Grab some green chili, place em into the blender as well

Blend it up!

Ensure pan is heated, pour in the blended liquid;

Fry on low temperature til liquid turns solid, and voila all done

And now, we've got dinner for tonight, you can share some with me Hunny :)


  1. Voila! Hahaha, goodness baby. Now I am officially dumping Jamie Oliver (for good). Do you want to try the Handsome Chef, reality show?

    I fried beef too for my dinner so let's pretend we are eating together okay?

    Love you deep deep :)

  2. Jenny, Seb is having hard time to 'get back' into this blogosphere world so let me reply on his behalf :P

    Amazing ha? I never knew he is such this great before I married him :D


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