Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kuih Bom

When I was small, grandma used to make this. And I have always liked it. It's one of my favorite kuih (deserts). So today I made it, myself. Got the recipe from the powerful internet :)


Glutinous flour - 240g (1cup)

Flour -1 tbsp

Lime-water - 1 tsp

Water- 200 ml

Sugar- 4 tbsp (original recipe says 10 tbsp)

A bit of salt - sesame seeds (to coat the dough)


Mung bean (green beans) - soaked for 6 hrs and boiled till soft

Sugar - 60-80 grams

Fresh coconut - 30 grams (shredded)

Flour - 2 tbsp


  1. In a bowl, mix flour, glutinous flour, lime-water, salt and sugar.
  2. Pour in water, little by little while kneading it. The dough should be a bit sticky and soft. Add more water if you have to.
  3. Make a small rounded dough and fill with mung bean filling (makesure the filling is not watery)
  4. Roll the small dough on the bowl full with sesame seed. Makesure it is well coated.
  5. deep-fry in the medium heat oil.

Tips : By adding sugar in the dough will prevent the kuih bom from explode in the frying pan. Don't try not to put any sugar at all. Kuih bom best eaten when it is cold. Hot Kuih Bom is crunchy and has potential to burn your tongue. Bon App├ętit!



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