Sunday, February 1, 2009

DELL Vostro 1310 webcam is so cool


Taken by my new DELL Vostro 1310 webcam haha ;)



  1. Happy Chinese New Year to you, Sebastian and lil' Isaac :) Try something kinky with your webcam. Still going to Bangladesh? It'd be real handy. Miss you too *huGs*

    Read one of your previous posts. You sounded angry. Hope you're ok by now.

  2. We will surely do Sam haha. It'd be totally handy - kinda help me not to feel so reluctant to leave haha.

    Leaving this Friday babe :)

    And the other post, yeah feel OK now :))))))

  3. sure you two are liking this technology.kinky stuffs are coming right up!!!hehehe.

  4. Haha, you should have read my mind! In fact I already listed down what are the kinky actions I plan to do. Some gifts from me to him HAHAHAHA :P

  5. Better bring water purifier tablets. In case? LoL. Perhaps lots of vitamin tablets too. Pick up some Bangla and teach me a few words ;)

    Valentines in Bangladesh! Make video recordings. Yan's documentary~

  6. They have tablets? Okay okay I will go look for it later.

    I will surely pick up some bangla words and teach you HAHAHA :)

    Valentine's in Bangla, lovely :(


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