Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year, New Hair Style?

How do you like this hair style on me?

Wake up hair style (which I personally think I look sexier)

Or stick to this?

Straight hair picturing a good girl (which he prefers)

Help me on this, contribute your 50 cent please.



  1. hey dear...
    the first style makes u look younger and sweeter but if ur hubby prefer the second one, juz go for it.. after all, u want to look good for him rite? hehehe.

  2. Hey, you are the first person to say this though I am aware of that haha. He prefers the straight hair style yeap, sigh! LOL

    Thanks anyway :D

  3. ur new womanly classic do is best!

  4. Hey Sam, thanks. I like that one too so now have decided to go ahead just waiting for the right time :D


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