Thursday, January 8, 2009

I have a silly husband

We worked late last night, left office at 11.30pm and reached home at about 12.00am. I was really tired I can fall asleep anywhere but somehow I really wanted to be cuddled.

At first he took off his working shirt and pants and started arranging his many phones and some what-nots in his pocket, then he went to iron his shirt and pants for the next day (today). I was waiting for him in our room so since he needed to settle that work, might as well I take a shower first. After which, it was his turn to take shower so I went to iron my attire.

He finished showering when I was ironing my last piece but when I was about to start hinting him for some cuddling session, he went to kitchen and do some dish cleaning. Okay, fine!

I waited for a while. Then I got annoyed and decided to just go to bed. Trying to go to sleep, I could hear the dishes sound. A while after that, I heard his steps coming to bed so I pretended to be sleepy. In my head "finally he remember that he has a hot wife here, man!".


He came to tell me that he was hungry and needed to cook noodles. Hmmmm.

He went out and started cooking and turned on TV and watched documentary channel while eating his noodles. How did I know this? I listened to every sound and assumed what was happening outside, from bed.

Then after half an hour, I heard he opened the second toilet door (I don't like to be disturbed when I sleep so he won't use toilet in master bedroom) and start shitting while enjoying his smoking alone session.

Then that time, I knew, if I kept pretending to be asleep and waiting for him to start cuddling me, I would die in disappointments so I told him off to just cuddle me and stop moving around like pig.

Today, I told him about this (what I felt last night) and he said that I looked so sleepy and tired that I could kill anybody who touched me.

"It's like when you see your boss is dulan, you go and ask if you can get a raise! Like asking for it, right?"


Silly husband, I still love you!


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