Thursday, December 18, 2008

Meal Problem

Isaac is a very picky eater (just like me). He eats when and what he feels like eating. At times, I will follow whatever his request is when it comes to food because I think by following his request, he will at least eat. Not only play until he's out of energy.

But his dad is very strict about this. I noticed when he phased out afternoon snacks, Isaac will eat better at dinner. Now considering what his dad's practice is rather more rational and practical, I don't simply offer a snack. If Isaac is really starved at around 4 to 5, I'll still give him something light like a small chocolate bar, but if it's after 5 approaching 6, I just give him something to drink usually a glass of milk so he'll save his appetite for dinner.

See, looks like daddy thinks better than mummy this time. We are still having problem to feed him vegetables and proper food according to fixed meal time as the grandparents are always spoiling him. So what we do is, we will attract him to eat by comparing him with my youngest brother (Adam). On how he wouldn't want to be as naughty or as skinny as his uncle is.

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