Monday, December 22, 2008

Lim Goh Tong

Me: Honey, if I am the founder of The Juicy Closet, that makes you urm, the co-founder la, right?

Hubby: Hmmm I think so.

Me: Y'know, you will regret one day if you don't want to take my offer to be the co-founder cause I know one day The Juicy Closet will be big like urm, Lim Goh Tong.

Hubby: Ha? Lim Goh Tong? I was thinking of Louis Vuitton or something.

RIP: Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong


  1. is he died?oh btw,u and hubby very sweet.the rship coated with sugar all over.i jealoussssssss:p

  2. Yeap, he passed away last few months. Awww, thanks babe! Hopefully forever hee :D


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