Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Kang cheong!

I seriously don't know what do I need. In fact these few nights, I have been dreaming as if I am going back to hostel and when I reached there, I realised that I have missed few things at home. And I was not allowed to go out and shop for those stuffs, I ended up not wearing school uniforms to school and got caught by head prefect before I needed to beg people to lend me their school uniforms. Point is, I didn't pack properly and yada yada! Scary.

Cause this time, it's not like packing for hostel. I need to pack for so many things. To live there. Don't know whether I should pack some groceries, bedsheet, blanket, pillow, what clothes, shoes, toiletries. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

And I don't even know how the place looks like. Got bed anot. What size, queen or single. Then which bedsheet should I bring?

And if I don't, do I need to use my money to buy there or they will provide for me? And is there any internet connection at home? Can I chat with people from home? Shit!

I am so kang cheong. I am so moody.



  1. u're in a uni that requires u to wear uniform? what's this??

    lol happy new year in advance anyway.

  2. Nah, that was boarding school / high school :)

    Happy New Year, Sam! :D


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