Thursday, September 18, 2008


Hey hey,

As I mentioned few times earlier, I am still processing my physical boutique. Waiting for the right amount of capital.

Meanwhile, Honey suggested me to create a new blog. He said, why not I start with online shopping first since I need to introduce myself to the market? But I feel a little worried that some people (online boutique owners who I personally know) will get offended and say that I copy them. Urm.

So what say you? Please write to me your thoughts. I need this. REALLY really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!


  1. yan the shop that sells those toys r in kuching. lol r u around kuching at the moment?

    doubt online fashion boutiques will get offended. it's just business hey :)

  2. Nah I am in KL, they have this some sort of shop in Mid Valley. Not sure what the name is, but they do sell these type of stuffs ;)

    And hey, thanks darling! Appreciate that ;)

  3. Online boutique will go nowhere. Go to Bangsar area, near The Lock Up and check out for decoration in their boutique.Simple yet interesting.They don't even use high budgets on it. I believe you can do much better than online boutique.Anyway, how old are you?Do you think you manage to handle it all alone by yourself?If then, go proceed :).I'll be your support system

  4. Hey Jordan,
    Thanks. I will go and check it out. Been checking out few places and I don't think so I can afford the rental and stuff for now, if I wanna rent a shop lot at places like Bangsar or even Uptown. We'll go step by step. Nah, I won't be doing alone. My hubby will be doing the website and stuff and I will be doing the stocking and administrative plus accounting with some help from family and friends. Thanks a lot. Appreciate your support ;)really.

  5. updateSsss!!! can't wait to c ur boutique's blog if u're starting one too ;)

  6. Hey heee I am so clumsy I just dropped the whole bunch of files while publishing your comment.

    So yea ;)

    My hubby is getting someone to do the website. I have no idea what take them so long. It's kinda expensive too, I am thinking to just use the default layout/template :S

    Will update soon!!!

  7. i am supporting too!!yayy!!!at last!!


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