Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Talk about humanity

I feel like I am being called to speak about humanity. Humane.

We have a cleaner at office. Part time cleaner. She is actually the building cleaner. But we pay her to clean our office daily. Doing the basic cleaning stuffs. I don't know what her name is but I know she is old, older than my mum and maybe older than your mum.

I have to admit that she is not good. She does not wipe the desks, she does not wash the towels in the pantry, she does not vacuum the carpet, she does not collect the rubbish in the dustbin IF WE DO NOT TELL HER TO DO SO. Worse, she's always late. She is slow.


She is old. How do you expect me to watch people scolding her of her slowness or of what she can't do well. Change her with a younger one if you want it to be perfect. Or you can get up from your seats and throw your rubbish yourself. You can also wipe your own desks, your computers. And don't tell me you do not know how to wash your own mugs? Sigh!

At first I was a lil disappointed everytime I went to the pantry and see the dirty towels and mugs. Especially when there is no clean mugs at all to use.

But I am not that inhumane to scold a cleaner as old as her. Can you imagine our mums in her shoes?

Go back to moral class, people. I do not like this. Seriously.


  1. yeaaa, sumtimes it's like that
    it's hard to tell people to get their job done (bcos its their job) but at the same time, we can do it ourselves.
    adding to it, she's old summore. it'd b frickng rude laa to scold her. old people, wat do u expect kan? tenaga dah tak banyak.. hurm, we should imagine ourselves in her place when we are, we're all getting old : )

  2. Yea la. You know I am not trying to say that I am a good person or what (cause I do scold ppl, all the times) but OLD ladies, ferpetesake!

    Are we aging? Noooooooo!!!!


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