Thursday, August 14, 2008


What is your name? Boy.

What is Mummy's name? Mummy heeee.

Are you Chinese, Thais or Malay? Chinese.

Do you love Mummy and Daddy? Yes! Mummy loves me?

Do you miss Mummy and Daddy? Yes!!

What are you doing? Watching Tom & Jerry cartoon.

Do you like to play toys? Yes because I like race cars, lorry and fire engine. Daddy bought for me.

Is Mummy pretty? Yes. I am pretty too.

Who does Mummy love? Daddy and Boy!

Where are Mummy and Daddy? Office. Working. Boy also want to go working with Mummy and Daddy....

What did you do at school? I played slide and painted.



  1. hey juicy bunny LoL u sound like a candy name. the chocolates are almost gone! having design your own chocolates would've been terrific. it's just the money to start it up that's the problem.

    kuching's a haven for lots of stuff besides food. if i can remember accurately the dress was less than rm70.

  2. Hey Sam,

    It's good to have you here :)
    Anyway, I checked at the absolute boutique through the link at your blog and I found one that I like, considering to order it :)

    Cheers babe!

  3. dear lord, this is so cute. i miss you all.

  4. Hey dahling,

    Yeap. He is growing up so fast. I am scared. We miss you too.

  5. i wanna meeeeet himmmm
    and kisss him
    and hugggg him
    and make myself his feveret aunti
    hehehe :P :P


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