Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I do have a LIFE

Ever heard of this phrase?

"People blog because they are lonely. Because they have no life."

Is it true? Cause I do not think so. But if I don't, why do I care so much?

Oh well...I personally think I do have a life. I go out at least once a week, we go for holiday at least once a month.

.....urm what else?

Oh yes, I have a great job/career. I have the greatest life partner. Great family. I have a beautiful home. An elegant car and the bunch of cracky-headed fun friends of mine, they do make my days (sometimes :) ).

Okay okay I got it. I am being self conscious again. Mainly this is due to the lack of concentration at work. Thinking about this weekend with Isaac.

But what's wrong with that? Duh! Screw those people who got nothing else better to do apart from stalking on my life.

So anyway anyway, I went shopping on Saturday! Ilanee sms'd me during lunch hour (I was waiting for honey bunny to come home with packed lunch), asking whether I have plan or not because she was alone (Olli went to a friend's bachelor party) .....so, since we did not really have a fixed plan, I agreed to company her shopping.

It was supposed to be Ilanee's shopping day but turned out to be mine too :) :)

I saw this Nine West handbag in purplish/pinkish color at KLCC Isetan's ladies department and I totally fell in love with it. Unfortunately, they did not have a new one so we went to Pavilion to get it. Heeee :D

....and honey also got me a new bottle of my will-use-forever perfume, Miracle by Lancome.

And Ilanee, she got herself some t-shirts, a pair of sandal, a Nine West handbag, a Braun Buffel purse...well yes I think that would be all :)

Yay! See, my name is Yan and I do have a life :)

P/S My condolence to YSL's family for the loss.


  1. *jealous*

    i sosososo wanna go shopping but cant cos im saving $$ for my trip to bali next month.. nevermind after that, full throttle ahead hehehehe... but i will miss the mega sale,


  2. well, ppl like us dnt bottle up feelings, thus, we write ! n share it with otherss :) :)
    screw those who say ppl who blog x have life!
    i heart blogging :)

  3. Hey Charlene,

    I am actually jealous with you right now :)
    Bali man! Seh, I wish I can go to Bali anytime soon. Badly need a beach now! And fret not, we always have sale in Malaysia hee :)

    Diana baby,
    Yes that is so true baby!
    I heart blogging too. I define that as my HOBBY now :)

  4. 9west huh!


  5. i have the same one, babe :)
    great taste.

  6. Yiyi,
    Yes only a Nine West. can't afford a Hermes yet :):):)

    Mya darling,
    Really? Wow no doubt we both have great taste :)


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