Monday, June 23, 2008

Made of honour

We went to watch Made of Honor on Saturday at One Utama.

It was F-awesome. It was dreamy. Steamy.

Dear Made Of Honor Producer,

Thanks for your greatest movie. I always knew that he loves me. But that Saturday night, I was definitely sure that I am THAT lucky girl who has found this true love, this love soul of hers which everybody struggles to find one.

..........I thank god for giving me, him. I thank god for this happiness one should have, at least once in a life time. I thank god for all the bad moments I had to face, to take me to him.

He is certainly mine! And I am his.

And honey, do not worry as I have dumped him. For good.


P/S For those who loves Jason Statham (of course less than mcdreamy),
go watch the bank job cause it's awesome(too)...
other choices might be; The Incredible Hulk and Kungfu Panda :)


  1. Awwwwwww thats so sweet :) You are so lucky to have met The One.

    And hahaha can i take him now that youve dumped him haha..

  2. :) :) heeeee yea feel lucky, always.

    Btw, yes go ahead. Be my guest. But please don't be too hash on him cause I know he still can't let me go, totally. Take it easy okay sob sob sob :(


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