Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tribute to Su Yin

Hey Su,

Apology for the the word 'Tribute'. I make it sound like you are already a legend. He he he...But I just want it to sound a bit like honoring you :) And yes I really do.

Today, I miss the feeling of cooking.

I really do miss the smell of the fried onions and the compliments from him. So I decided that, this weekend I will be cooking. Anybody wants to come over? He hee. Oh yes, speaking of which. I want to apologies to my childhood friend Liza for canceling the cooking session for her birthday treat last month.

I am so sorry dahling. I was so tied up with family things.
It was my family gathering
and I couldn't get off from them so easily cause they never had enough of me :)

Let's get back to the track. Yes I am going to cook. Nothing new about cooking though I never talked about it. Never really feel like boosting or heightening about my competence (which I got from my mom. She's a super-good cook) to cook ....;p

BUT I want to try something new-fangled, I want to try pastries. I want to bake. I want to make sweeter stuff like cakes, pudding et cetera. I want to play with chocolates. Argh. Sinfully scrumptious.

Last year, when I was in the mood of making cup cakes, I was introduced to a sifu in this meadow. She is superb and cute too :). And I was/am being passionate about her. I read her
blog like almost everyday. And when she came back to Malaysia, I was planning to go and see her but before I made it, she flew off to US to further her study in what she loves the most.


But. Yet I was still so determined. I tried so hard to make cup cakes/cakes before I finally got back to my core, laziness!

He hee, Su I hope you read this :)

But today, I want to try again. I'll get my oven the soonest and start baking again. Yeah man!! That's the Spirit!


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