Monday, May 12, 2008

My baby brother just bought a plant. He said; to show some love, apparently :)

Getting lame like me each days.

Oh well, hunny bunny changed her blog's template, and it's for fun. Nothing new in particular just changing the mode.

Have few more pictures to share but too lazy to upload so will do that either tomorrow or some other time.

Wanted to share more of her baby brother's pictures but this PC is taking forever to load. Sigh. Wonder what has happened to the greatly said technology.

Just a quick update;


It was Hunny Bunny's first weekend with no plans.

On Saturday, she ended up at Medan Mara,KL just for early dinner or late lunch or super late breakfast, then visited the lovely Grandmother at Ampang before leaving to One utama for 'What Happens in Vegas' movie.

Comments? Hmm. Two words too, Super entertaining!

On Sunday, she followed the sister to do her wedding's preparation (ohhh yes she's very happy for the sister to finally found the soul mate), went back to Grandmother's place for dinner and came back home for Desperate Housewives Mother's Day Marathon!!!!

(And yes, she learned to be more dramatic. He heee. And she would like to thank her honey, for ironing all the clothes and letting her to enjoy her favorite TV series. Ha ha ha :) )

Monday, Hunny bunny went to Mid Valley for dinner and accidently bought a pair of shoes/sandal at Vincci. Oppss! I did it again!! (Lame!) Bought few loafs of bread and went to San Francisco Coffee for coffee-lah before headed to The Gardens for her second time since it was officially openned. Nothing fancy. Nothing new. Just a bunch of some plain-branded/designers boutiques. Not for her obviously. Self Denial!

(At least not this month :( )

Blogging out soon. Honey seems to be waiting to use the PC.

And ho ho ho, Happy Mummy's day to all the yummy mummies out there!


Hunny Bunny.

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