Friday, May 9, 2008

Keys to self talent development?

You want to see pictures or would you rather read my craps? Pictures huh? But be sure to be prepared though.Boy, I shan't ruin the suspense with too much negative thoughts. So here we go!

May 6, 2008.

Everybody was being a cam-whore at the events. I joined too. Before they left me alone at the event-back to office. :(

.....It was a tiring day(as usual)...the first day at event ended, finally. Approaching 5pm (while packing my stuffs), honey sms'd me;

"Hunny, Iron man tonight?"

Do you think I can say no? :)

So, we went to One Utama for Iron Man at 9pm.

One word,

Super AWESOME. Oh, sorry Two words.

May 7, 2008

......The second day at event. I was alone. So no cam-whoring session. Nevertheless, due to the addiction, I got honey to at least take one picture of me when reaching home. He heee (at least I have everyday's pictures right?)

May 8, 2008

Back to work. Having said lots of complains; that I have not enough time to catch with my work at office, I went home with a disappointed mood. Yet, was still so-very excited to see Fel. Good to receive/have guest at home, seriously. On the way back, I experienced the most beautiful moment, The Sunset Scene.

May 9, 2008

Reached office half minute late. That cost my team, 1 mile loss. Sigh. Not a good start.

And yes today, I am so ridiculously weird. I complain that I don't have enough time to catch up with my work at office. Hence, typing an entry for my beloved journal. My boss mustn't have been very happy with my lack of ability to be the girl she wants me to be (to overrule this department, to replace her and to get things done). Sigh. I am sorry for not trying to stay on the predetermined trail... my mind's eye and actions often lead my artless work. I wish I had been more focused.

See, I am Yan.
Do give comments please.
It's been a very quiet week here.
I need keys to develop my talent. Blogging.


  1. darling!!
    is that the skirttt??
    Super nice on u !!!
    hell hot okeyyhhh :) :)
    how ya??
    ermm no need laa dear :)
    it's ur wedding present, even it's a bit late ")
    glad u like it!
    love u dear!!

  2. Yes baby.

    That is the skirt. I like like, a lot and lot and lot!!!!
    So nice. The material and the design.
    Seb likes it too, Sexy ah huh!

    Really? Lol, thats so sweet of you la dahling!

    Love you!!!!!

  3. did u alter it or anything?
    seriously sexyyyyy!!
    nice gile :) :)
    hehe, well Seb & i have this mutual understanding

    No biggies lorrr :)

    Love ya much2 too!

  4. No dahling.
    I didn't alter or anything.
    It fits me so well like it was made for me, man!
    Yes, wait for Monday.
    I will post another picture, a sexier one.
    He said so nice and you got taste :)
    See, we have great taste okay.

  5. Great minds think alike!
    can't imagine we go clubbing together
    we r sooo gonna RING the alarm kayhh!!
    that sounds sooo vain
    but who cares!

  6. Yea yea. We should okay.
    Cant wait to have you back here or maybe we should do it when I managed to get my ass over there.
    Perth, here I come.
    Sigh, dont know when can I confirm my flight there. Too busy. Both of us. Like almost impossible to apply for leave. Sigh :(

    Duh, not vain la. But confident!


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