Monday, March 24, 2008

candies should be kept in a box?

I keep my candies in a box
So that nobody can see
I keep my feelings in my heart
So that nobody can feel

When I was a kid
I like role plays
Like how I like the tale shows
I like to be crumpled
Like how I like to be cuddled

But now, I can't sulk
Cause it means misbehave

But I still want to share my candies with anybody who loves it
Like how I want to share my feelings with somebody who cares

What should I do?
Should close the box?
Should I close the heart?


  1. Wussup princess?

  2. Open the box, let it spill :) Share the sweetness :) Share the love :) hee :)

  3. I want some candies too!
    come on gimme sum!
    share with us sum!

  4. heee so sweet la you all :)

    okay will share it- with all of you.

    Putri, apa deh? why so slow wan? :P


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