Monday, December 10, 2007

my anniversary journal

I knew, just after our third official date , that we would be growing old together one day.

My situation is vastly urm interesting. The very first time that I met Mr Lim, he tried to hit on me and I never ran away. I sticked to him as colleague (knowing that there's no way for us to be together). Fast forward few months and we started to become friends. We were friends for a while, then best friends, before he actually made his move to force me to say that " I love you" to him. Even then, I’m glad to say that I don’t think I was not that attracted to him. Yes, I was! Totally was!

But, I made believe that I shouldn't get involved AGAIN. I had been in a series of serious relationship where I had gotten my heart broken numerous times, so I wasn’t looking for anything serious at all - it was all for fun, something I had never done before. But meantime, I got myself into this deep emotions- AGAIN.

Cut to millions of dates, lots of holidays and zillions of loves, we are celebrating our first anniversary with lots of hugs and kisses :D

And one thing that I believed, believes- don't live the new life with the past memories stuck around! Get rid of everything! That's why I bought him a new watch. Have it inscribed with “I always have time for you!” Thoughtful gestures like that build relationship intimacy quickly.
At least ours!

And Honey,

I love you since the first time I said that I love you
I love you since my heart tells me that I do
I love you since no one else can love me as you do
I love you and will always do!

Happy anniversary,honey!


  1. happy anniversary biatch! :)

  2. i am totally agree with the 'get rid of the past' thingy :)


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