Tuesday, November 20, 2007

my holiday journal!

Very lazy to update my blog or to even edit the pictures but very eager to share the memories which come in photos package to be shared with all of you. Hmm how? So I decided to only put the shots that both hubby and I managed to capture during the holidays. It was a pretty great group holiday- pretty worth it. Didn't really cost us much but most important is we had fun,yes!

So these are the selected shots:

Lucky, we brought along our Tripod to capture our pictures together (well I always prefer to use Tripod then asking people to take our picture) it's not that I don't trust other people to capture us but we are (can say) fussy about the alignment, background, coloring, etc of our pictures. At least I am. But, there are still pictures of both of us that were captured by our other friends like Idrina :D and they turned out nice!

Yea, my pictures may be not as nice as Khalid's but for a beginner and a-cheapo-camera-user, I think, I am not bad at all( I mean WE are not bad at all ;p )

P/S More pictures in my facebook and friendster. Do check them out :D


  1. oh OMG you went for holidays without me :(

    how come you did that to me?
    why why oh why?

  2. cause you cheated on me for a another cacat GIRL haha!
    it was unplanned la honey.
    next time we go to Cameron okay?
    love me anot??!!

  3. yan..
    i know i take good pictures...
    thanks for the compliment :)

  4. hahaha
    yea my pleasure darl! coming to my place tonight yes?
    we can go swimming!

  5. ill confirm with u later can ??

  6. yan, how about Xmas? any plan yet?
    I want to drink LOL

    ~miss Wilson~

  7. another holiday without me :)


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